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Macrobiotic Week Portugal Tres Marias – March 2020

Concha and Anne invite you to a unique journey of macrobiotic high cuisine and coast trekking in Alenteijo Portugal. Within the beautiful landscape of the Rota Vicentina, the trekking trail along the west coast, we experience the balanced macrobiotic diet with chef cook Anne Seidel from Hamburg Germany. There is plenty of time to relax at the high standard guest house Tres Marias. m

Macrobiotics is about leading a “great life” and developing your full potential in a happy, healthy and harmonious way. Anne invites you to have a new look at your kitchen skills.

Halfway between Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Milfontes, Tres Marias is a country guesthouse integradted in Alentejos beautiful landscape. Here the days are tinted with golden light and the nights are wrapped by an incredible starry sky.

Distributed within two complementary buildings, seperated by fields where some donkeys, sheep and a friendly ostrich are grazing, rooms in neutral tones inviting you for some moments of pure relaxation in their private porches.

Being four kilomenter distance form the sea, you can easily reach wondeful beaches bathed by the incredible Atlantic Ocean, as well as the dlightful cork oak forest that you find befre going up the hills, in an ideal location for pleasant walks and bicyle rides.

The Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina is a coastal region of more than 100 kilometers, stretching from Alentejo to the Algarve, nestled bewteen the Atlantic coast, with its incredible beaches and steeps cliffs, and a beautiful, simple and authentic interior. It is one of the most unspoiled coasts of Europe, with breathtaking landscapes, an ecosyste of great diversity and a genuine culture.

Only one warning before you come: do not expect to become great luxury, excitement or cultural heritage, but be prepared to never forget the moments you will live here!

COOKING is the highest of all arts and it brings us joy, fun, good taste, beauty and friendship as well as happiness and good health.

MACROBIOTIC is a nourishment method to understand the relation of things in life with each other, incorporating elements from several ancient cultures and emphasizing harmony with nature.
‚Macro‘ meaning big, and ‚bios‘ meaning life, macrobiotic can be also called the art of a great life.

Knowing that what you eat influences the blood that nourishes the organs and the organs have influence on our behavior which influences our environment we live in we can actually change our behavior simply by eating differently.

As one of the foundations of a great life, is having a ‘sustainable diet and what you eat is a very important aspect of your personal health; Mooana in cooperation with ‚Annekocht‘ now offers macrobiotic cooking workshops in Portugal to boost your well-being.


Based in Hamburg, Germany; Anne is working as a macrobiotic cook and teacher. Her classes are inspiring, vivid and delicious. Her teachings are spiritual influenced with a lot of focus on gratidude for life and nature.
Anne has encountered macrobiotics through yoga and beeing on this path now for more then ten years. She was assisting many differnt teachers all over the world, attending regularly cooking classes over the years and has the first degree in macrobiotics sertified from the kushi institute. She organises detox workshops in the countrysite, cooking classes and circles, one by one sessions, she cooks lunch in the only macrobiotic store in Hamburg and works as a chef cook in seminars for many differnt clients.

Time Schedule

1.03. Sunday Arrival Day

18h Dinner

Monday 2.-7.03.

9h Breakfast

13h Lunch/Lunchboxes

19h Dinner

8.03. Departure Day

9h Breakfast

13h Lunch or Lunchbox


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