So many of you ask me how to make this wonderful and healthy Misobread. It is easy and at the same time you have to know some tricks.

So, here is the recipe:

You take any leftover grains. I cook rice everyday, so there is always a leftover. It is also very good if the grain already went a little sour, but no white hair on it please.

Ad a spoon of Miso. Combine both with your hands and let it rest. Ad freshly grinded Spelt flower and knead it strongly for a while. If too dry add some water. It should have the consistancy of your earlopes.

Put a baking paper in a loaf pan. If you make it wet and then crumble it in your hands before you place it in the loaf pan, it works much easier. Then you place the dough inside and let it rest another night. Put a cloth over it and let it sit on a warm place.

Next day you can bake it or even steam it in a pressure cooker.

This bread is easy to digest and so yummy.

Almost like a cake.