Gomasio Workshop

In this workshop we learn how to make our own GOMASIO.

GOMASIO is a special condiment containing salt and  Sesame. Sesame is really important in a plant based diet, because it has more Calcium than milk.

I put Gomasio on the table always, it is a better option then pure salt. The oil of the sesame will combine with the salt, so it is not pure salt that you put on the meal if you need more yang.

The whole house will smell nice when you make your own Gomasio. It is much better to do it yourself thgen to buy it in a store. The bought gomasio often is mechanically grinded and not well combined like we do it by hand in the suri bashi.

It is a good practice and start into macrobiotics. You´ll learn much more about life when making gomasio.

Workshop Info:

Sonnday 10.01.2021



Please register at: mail@annekocht.de